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Powerful Techniques to Improve Business Communication Security

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Cyberattacks on organizations can take many forms, but most target different internet communication platforms. The justification is how simple it is to enter. Anyone can send a bogus link via text, email, other messaging applications, social media, etc. It will be a significant payoff for the hackers if even one employee clicks on one of these links. This is why it's important to consider bolstering your communication security.


What Can You Do to Keep Safe?


Running a trustworthy antivirus application and installing a firewall can help keep internet risks away. However, your preventative software and processes will be meaningless if people let these risks in voluntarily. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone in your organization to operate prudently, especially when using the communication systems of business. Here are a few pointers that might be useful to avoiding communication security threats.


Before clicking, check the links.


Doing this is not a difficult task. Start by examining the visible hyperlink in the anchor text and determining its legitimacy by looking for indications of bogus links. After that, right-click on the hyperlink before following it to see where it points. For instance, a legitimate website would typically conclude with ".com," whereas a fraudulent link would have ".co," ".uk," ".xyz," and other similar endings instead.


Before opening any messages, verify the email address.


Finding email addresses or phone numbers online is simple. If no results appear, you can reach out to the business directly. It's always wise to check if your contact information is correct. Most business owners would be more than happy to assist.


Spend money on employee online security training.


No matter how effective and innovative your cybersecurity measures are, if your staff is not up to speed on internet security, they will never fully protect your data from cyber threats. It's possible to trace a significant portion of current cyberattacks to a single employee who unknowingly clicked on a bad link or allowed malware to infect the system.


Lack of Knowledge


It's simple to criticize the employees, but what can you do if they cannot distinguish between a genuine and a phony link? Very few people know about the dangers that lurk online. Try our Employee Readiness Check to see for yourself. Have your staff complete the quiz to determine their knowledge of online security and communication security.


Comprehensive Security Training


It is in your best interest to focus on staff training for online security. We can provide a thorough training program that teaches your staff the information needed to increase your online security. We will show the employees how to validate an email before opening it and examine URLs before clicking on them. Once the training is complete, we will have transformed your personnel into a capable first line of defense for your business.


We can also conduct a phishing test at your workplace to pinpoint the vulnerable security points that require attention. After that, we will recommend the needed adjustments to improve the security of your communication channels so that you won't have to worry about online dangers infiltrating your system.


For more tips on how a managed service provider can help you, download our free ebook on The Ultimate Guide to hiring a superstar IT Provider today!


We take all kinds of cybersecurity very seriously. Call us any time to discuss solutions that fits your unique needs.

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