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Choosing Between In-House IT and MSP Support

In-House IT

Dependable IT support is essential for all firms in the current digital world. Having the right technology in place is crucial to remain efficient, secure, competitive, or current in your field. In the end, you also need competent In-House IT specialists to manage all these technological requirements. 

Whether to work with a managed services provider or engage an In-House IT staff is a major decision for many business owners. Each choice has benefits and drawbacks. You must carefully consider each distinction to make the best decision. Let’s address some of the most important queries to compare In-House IT Guy vs. Managed Service Provider in detail.

What is the Difference in their Offerings?

Your In-House IT Expert 

An In-House IT guy is qualified to perform routine IT infrastructure maintenance, debug hardware and software issues, and handle everyday technological issues.

Managed Service Provider

A managed services company offers far more services and solutions than an IT specialist and can perform all tasks that the latter can. No matter what your IT issue is, one of the skilled professionals who make up your MSP can handle it. They are trained to address any kind of issue that arises.

What Is the Real Cost?

Your In-House IT Expert

Hiring an In-House IT specialist is as expensive as adding another employee to the company’s payroll. It seems like the more economical choice—that is until you run into an issue that your IT guy can’t solve, and you must hire someone else to help. In addition, you would have to pay for each IT specialist’s equipment, perks, and training.

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider (MSP) services often have a set monthly cost, no matter how many services you use. Occasionally, it may be more expensive than a single monthly wage, but it includes everything you require. There won’t be any unexpected costs, which is far better for managing the budget. 

What Degree of Support and Expertise Do They Provide?

Your In-House IT Expert

An In-House IT specialist is well familiar with your systems. His experience with your business allows him to make well-informed decisions that will help keep your technology running smoothly. However, in contrast to the collective skill set of an entire MSP team, the skill set of one Tech is limited.

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Providers employ In-House IT specialists with extensive training in a range of disciplines, including network administration, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and cloud services. Depending on your unique demands, they will assign the right specialist to your business, ensuring you always receive the best possible care.

Are They Able to Offer Flexibility and Scalability?

Your In-House IT Expert

It is extremely difficult for one person to manage highly specialized projects or to swiftly adjust to unforeseen changes in the system. This could result in operational inefficiencies and delays.

Managed Service Provider

Working with an MSP offers several benefits, like its scalability as a managed services provider. Their services are constantly adaptable and easy to modify in response to your company’s evolving IT requirements.

Last Words 

It is clear from the comparison of Managed Service Providers vs. In-House IT Guy above that most firms will benefit from partnering with MSPs. Remember, though, that not every MSP is as dependable as another. Verify that any provider meets all the requirements outlined in our 7 Components to Auditing an IT Provider before committing to a contract. The list is available for download here for your use.

We can help you eliminate all this unnecessary spending. Call us today!


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