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Top 10 Data Breaches Incidents for 2022

Over time, there has been a significant improvement in cybersecurity tools and tactics. Data breaches are still one of the biggest hazards online, though. So you need to always be on guard, especially when working online. Even large international companies with the best security systems available can still be hacked.

Many sizable businesses have experienced data breaches this year, which have resulted in private information leaks, the loss of millions of dollars in revenue, and other losses. Here are the ten worst incidents that have occurred in 2022 to date.

Bitcoin Theft

In January, hackers were able to get around’s two-factor authentication and get their hands on about $18 million in Bitcoin and $15 million in Ethereum.

Breaches of Red Cross Data

In January, hackers accessed a Red Cross database related to their Restoring Family Links Program. Hackers took information on people and families divided by war and other factors, and even information about missing people. When the Red Cross quickly took its servers offline, the attacks stopped.

Crypto Theft by Ronin

Early in 2022, the game Axie Infinity gained enormous popularity. When they attempted to accommodate more players, security precautions were relaxed. This error was a bad idea because it gave hackers full access, and in the end, they stole $625 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Breach of Microsoft’s data

In March, a group of hackers called Lapsus$ broke through Microsoft’s top-level security, putting several other IT giants’ products at risk. Microsoft stopped the attack in two days and said the hackers did not get any client information.

Breaches of Cash App Data

In April, a former employee who had issues with the payment company Cash App began hacking into their system. The hacker stole records with the names, portfolio values, and brokerage account numbers of 8 million clients, so the attack affected all of them.

Breaches of Student Loan Data

In June, a data breach at the student loan servicer Nelnet Servicing exposed names, contact information, and social security numbers from more than 2.5 million accounts. Before they identified the breach, nearly a month had passed.

Twitter Data Breach in July 2022

A hacker stole data from over 5.4 million Twitter accounts and put it up for sale in a hackin

g forum. Sensitive data was taken, and the hacker wanted $30,000 for it.

Breaches of Medibank Data

An untrustworthy party stole 9.7 million records in October. The hacker eventually released the files online in separate batches when the corporation refused to accept his requests.

A Leak of Credit Card Information

The BidenCash carding marketplace offered information on over 1.2 million credit card accounts for free, making it possible for anybody to use them to make online transactions. These cards are still in use and will expire between 2023 and 2026.

Data Breach Shein

A hacker stole 39 million Shein customers’ credit card information and sold it on a hacker forum. Shein was fined $1.9 million for failing to notify the breach, even though the breach occurred in 2018, it wasn’t discovered until October of this year.

What to Do If You Believe Your Account Has Been Hacked

As you can see, each of these businesses is worth several million dollars, and they all fell victim to cyberattacks that led to data breaches. This merely shows that anyone may become a victim. Therefore, reconsider your assumptions if you believe that your current defenses are complete enough. With internet attacks, there is no room for error. Your cybersecurity strategies should be reviewed frequently and changed to remain effective in the modern world.

But if you think someone has hacked you, you can use our detailed instructions to get your data back and make your network secure again. If you want an easy way to find out if your employees are being approached by hackers, you can download our Free ebook on the 10 steps to take when you think you have been phished.

Call us and let’s get started protecting your data right away!


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