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Time for a Quiz: Is Your Company Safe from Phishing Scams?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

As you have read in our previous blogs, we have covered phishing attacks over the past three weeks. We have discussed what they look like, the warning indications of an attack, and some precautions you should take to safeguard your company.

One thing—and a very crucial one at that—is having the training to spot a phishing attack. However, your level of knowledge frequently has little bearing on how you would respond if an attack materialized. Take your staff as an example. Let's assume that you have repeatedly instructed them on how to respond to phishing attempts. The simplest way to find out what they've learned would be to test them. Have them take the following quiz to see if they can apply what they have learned.

A Little Quiz on Phishing Scams

The statements that follow relate to phishing attacks. Read each question and decide if it is true or false. The answers are below.

  1. It is better to keep your suspicions about phishing to yourself if you believe you have been a victim.

  2. Unbelievable offers that seem too good to be true are usually phishing scams.

  3. Human mistakes account for around 88% of data breaches.

  4. Annually, phishing generates around $1.5 billion in revenue for cybercriminals.

  5. For scammers, sending spam emails with grammar and typographical problems has always made financial sense.

  6. It costs a lot to send millions of emails.

  7. Checking emails for validity before responding to them will help you avoid falling victim to phishing.

  8. Accepting friend requests from everyone will help you generate more business prospects when managing your company's social media profiles.

Answers to the Quiz

  1. FALSE.

It's startling to learn that many employees experience embarrassment if they believe they have fallen victim to phishing. They likely think it is their fault, and management will blame them for exposing the rest of their company to these internet threats. However, you must notify your supervisor and the IT department of any phishing threat so that they can take action to resolve the issue and reduce further danger.

  1. TRUE.

One of the best ways to persuade people to make bad choices is by using greed. Think twice before clicking the link in an email or text message saying you have won something.

  1. TRUE.

It is frightening that this number rises each year. The good news is that these mistakes are easily avoidable if staff members receive enough phishing training and information about other online hazards.

  1. FALSE.

Sadly, the figure is substantially higher. Fraudsters rake in almost $1.5 trillion annually.

  1. TRUE.

Strangely, the poorly written emails that hackers send out, which are rife with typos and other flaws, are incredibly successful for them.

  1. FALSE.

Because it is so inexpensive for them to do so—just a few bucks for the entire batch—online thieves can afford to send email blasts to millions of subscribers.

  1. TRUE.

Check the email address of the sender before you open any emails. Ignore the email if it comes from a stranger or if the domain seems dubious. Never read through your emails while distracted since this could cause you to click on hazardous links.

  1. FALSE.

Accepting friend requests from everyone is tempting since the more followers your business has, the better it will be for promotion. Not necessarily, particularly given the frequent internet attacks that occur today. You should only approve user requests that an employee of your business has verified.

Analyzing the Outcome

Once you have collected your staff's quiz results, you will have a better understanding of how they will respond to an assault. If they achieve a perfect score, your company is in capable hands. If the result is less than ideal, it merely shows that you need to engage in more extensive training, which is something we can assist you with.

To safeguard organizations like yours against phishing and other online risks, we offer an employee training program. Start your new Employee Training today and have everyone in your office watch our Free Ebook! Please let us know if you need to strengthen your security defenses. Give us a call, and we will arrange a complimentary appointment to discuss what we can do for your business.




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